Sri's Magical System

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Magical Level Theory

  1. The Substrate Exists as an Uneven Layer
  2. Life Moves Through the Substrate as Far as it Can
  3. Magic binds the subprimal levels with the embodied levels
  4. Embodied Life (Entities that possess the desire to Move as Far as they Can)
  5. Entities with Perception of a Reality, which is not the same as the Substrate which has no form except as something Life Moves Through
  6. Entities with the ability to reason, think, pattern, change reality
  7. Entities that are aware of Other Entities
  8. Entities that exist to control other Entities

Layer 1 and 2 Magic

Existence Magic

  • VOID - perception skill: the absence, nullification, negative space. There is no equivalent spell for the substrate, because the substrate is readily perceptible. Perceiving void requires advanced perception.
  • EXIST - perception skill: the companion spell to VOID is a conscience perception of existence itself as being a remarkable property.

Sense and Action Spells

  • SENSE - wholly perceive through directed senses
  • TOUCH - make contact by physical sensation
  • MOVE - "movement is the celebration of life", and what brings it into being

Layer 3 Magic

These are the most advanced spells, interestingly, because they are the intersection between simple reality and motive forces.

Combinatorial Magic

  • COHERE - combine multiple spells across different categories to link layers

Layer 4 and 5 Magic

These are basic perception-based magicks that can be combined with

Perception Spells

  • SHAPE - perception skill
  • PATTERN - evolution of SHAPE, perception skill

Environment/Navigation Spells

  • ORIENT - draw on SHAPE and TOUCH, manipulate a single item
  • GROUP - draw on SHAPE and TOUCH, designate multiple entities as one
  • ARRANGE - draw on PATTERN and TOUCH, manipulate multiple items

Layer 6 Magic

These are basic motive magicks that involve the exertion of will.

Force Spells

  • SUSTAIN - draw on MOVE and TOUCH