Explore Learn Build Share (ELBS)

Posted Saturday, October 29, 2022 by Sri.Tagged TROPE

During the 2008 Groundhog Day Resolutions season, I came up with a distillation of my "process" as a cycle similar to an OODA loop. Originally it was a way to motivate myself to do things that could learn to income by focusing on things I naturally liked to do.


  • EXPLORATION that inspires you turns you into a GUIDE of sorts, which is a perfectly legitimate way to make money.
  • LEARNING and BUILDING over many repetitions turns you into an EXPERT or a CRAFTSPERSON capable of delivering high quality goods, around which tasty services and products can be made.
  • SHARING creates connection and community, sharpening your understanding of what you know and what you do, which turns you into a LEADER for people who want to do what you do, or a PARTNER with other people who are at your level.
Explore Learn Build Share from 2008 GHDR Post undefined

The implied outcome is not defined in the diagram, but I do seem to be working at my peak when I am continuously thinking along these lines. Looking at this 14 years later, I can see it is also a response to my late-diagnosed ADHD.