Posted Monday, August 8, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK, SRI

A collection of traits that apply to me. They may apply to you too. I'm collecting them here so I can find a pattern in them at some future time.

  • Resistance to Starting Projects - I often don't start projects because I immediately know how hard it will due to (1) lack of some resource (2) knowledge that it will take an unknown amount of time (3) has some unclear elements that are difficult to resolve. What I will do though is go shopping or search for solutions that might make the project feasible. Technically that would be starting the project but then just dropping it.

  • Resistance Doing Set Tasks - I don't know why, but I resist "having to do" any task. It is sort of like a resistance to authority, even my own! I will tend to engage in structured procrastination instead.

  • Distracted by Missing Solutions / Bad Design / Bad Engineeringe - I'm highly sensitive to bad design and inconvenience and am constantly imagining improvements that could be made, novel solutions that could be engineered, and other improvements. This is a CONSTANT state of mind I am in. Maybe I should be in charge of a research engineering group, because I suspect I would be really good at it.

  • Distracted by Scheduled Events - If there are any scheduled events, I can't imagine time afterwards. I tend to get distracted by them and find it hard to concentrate on anything. This also applies to some kinds of deadlines, but not always. If the event involves meeting people, then I keep thinking about what I need or what I need to have prepared ahead of time. May be a GAD trait.

  • The Dichotomy of being Trapped - I hate the idea of being trapped before I do something, but if I am in a place where I can't really do anything about it I relax a lot. Another version of this is when I have trouble starting but once I am "along in the room with the challenge" it's easy to keep going. I am very wary of entering a situation that seems like it could trap me or cost me control, overly so. The reality is that I'm very seldomly trapped or in a position where I can't just leave (a response I learned how to do) but the innate response is to avoid the situation in the first place (childhood feelings of being trapped, I think, in Taiwan)