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Posted Friday, September 9, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK
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This is a collection of "personal truths" that I've culled from various writings of the past. As I come across lists like this in my past writing, I'll copy them here so I can see them all in one place. I might see interesting evolutions in my thinking, and I'm hoping that some universal truths will fall out of this.

"Sri Truths 2022" from GHDR 0808

Truth 1. I can't maintain a "singular focus" for the sake of predictable production efficiency.

I've tried many times to be a disciplined practitioner of rational productive methodology, but I don't seem to be wired this way naturally. I just do not have the energy reserves to do more than a few days of this; I require vigorous discussion with outside stakeholders multiple times a day to maintain a sense of immediacy and camaraderie. Otherwise, I wither from the lack of stimulation that often comes with dealing with the mundane details of the work. In the worst case, I become angry at the low quality of resources I have to sift through to get work done, and anger just makes my productivity worse.

In the case of my own personal goals, it's unlikely the external energy will be coming, so I might as well toss this out the window.

Truth 2. I can identify questions and pursue answers as part of researching a hypothesis

This is a strength! I am easily distracted by any question posed to me, especially if I can perceive an immediate need for it or sense the possibility of unearthing a novel solution that goes against any dogma.

Truth 3. I work hard to answer questions thoroughly and well.

This is a strength! My work is even better when someone tells me there is an immediate need for it and I sense there is strong interest in the answer. My work is always more joful if I'm working with other people who are also immersed in the moment.

Truth 4. I am always excited about sharing and exchanging information.

This is a strength that generates value for other people! I really like sharing what I discover, particularly if I think it's a novel or improved answer compared to what was available before. This is practically a compulsion. I believe there is an audience for well-packaged knowledge no matter what it is, even if the audience is really just me.

Truth 5. I have the artistic and technical skills to package what I know in an attractive manner.

Hooray, I have technical software acumen and am fluent with most mainstream forms of media production due to my multidisciplinary education in computer engineering and interactive computer graphics. And before all that, I was training to be a writer. This allows me to be self-sufficient in designing, writing, and producing my own media with software support, so there is nothing in my way except my own inability to stay focused long enough to finish something. I would like to improve this as well as pursue a higher level of polish; for this, I need to ensure that I have adequate incoming energy to keep me motivated!

Truth 6. I'm wise enough to consider buying an off-the-shelf solution if it saves time or heartache.

I have mixed feelings about this because there are so few really great solutions that I like, and I dislike the idea of settling for a mediocre solution. That said, there are hundreds of mediocre solutions out there that do get the job done, and they are also the de-facto way that the world works. I have to pick my battles.