Search for Mission

Posted Monday, April 4, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

I'd like to have a sense that I'm working toward something, but I also don't know what that is.

Some initial thoughts to fill out later:

  • am I looking for affirmation or belonging? see Brene Brown's work
  • am I looking for what I'm "good at"?
  • am I looking for the optimal combination of low-effort high-yield by focusing on my relative strengths?
  • do I want to stand for some set of values, be a beacon for others?
  • am I looking for financial and social security?
  • am I looking for mastery?
  • do I want to be famous for doing something really awesome
  • is empowering and nurturing others short of becoming their power source a mission?
  • do I just like to be around positive-minded, curious, self-empowered, conscientious, generous, competent, and kind people?

Some of the other squirks are ADHD, possible ASD, and GAD. Third culture upbringing. Unpopular interests in computers and video gaming.