Sri Most-Favored Words List

Posted Monday, April 4, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

An ongoing collection...who knows where it will lead? These are words that I derive above-average pleasure from using, and could form the basis of an 'expressive emotional language' for animated in-person appearances of yours truly.


I tend to like words that end with 'sh'. Similar: smoosh and smush!


I like this word a lot, because of 'sq' and also squirrels are interesting because of the way they move. I like words that start with 'sq' perhaps?


Things that swirl seem carefree and fun, and it's an interesting motion that's related to Jedi mind trickery and the boundary between science and magic with regards to saccadic motion.


I like words with long 'oo' in them. Also this word just tickles me.


Also squirm and wriggle!


I like the long ee sounds after the soft r, which I find very soothing as a combination of sounds.


It sounds bombastic but it more of a funny sound, sort of like an offended elephant


I just think this word is funny and anything fermented is a bonus


Also hop. Associated with bunnies flopping over. I have liked rabbits since I was a little kid.


I think I first saw this word in Bloom County and it's like boink and boop, which are also fun words.

Other Observations

I tend to like Yiddish-American expressions.


I think this means a little daub of something, like a schmeckle of liver paste? Is smidge also a Yiddish-American word?