ADHD-related Diagnoses

Posted Tuesday, August 9, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

I was diagnosed in late 2021 by a psychiatric mental health practictioner as having many ADHD traits, and am now taking medication (a low dose of generic Adderall®) to see if any impairment to my executive function can be mitigated. There were two other diagnoses that went with the ADHD one: Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1.

This is an ongoing list of Sri-specific findings.

Things that I Think All The Time

  • I often feel like I’m being held under house arrest by my responsibilities.

Conceptual Models and Insights

The Effectiveness of Adderall on Sri

  • Adderall does not help me do something I am extremely unmotivated to do especially if it is a depressing and years-long task. Every once in a while when I am emotionally upset about the project and feel like blaming someone even if there isn’t anyone at fault (just anger that wants to release). I feel tired. My stomach feels queasy.
  • Adderall doesn’t help with procrastination, though the procrastination is much more productive 
  • Adderall doesn’t work as a substitute for lack of sleep, but it does seem to kick the brain out of a false sleepiness I have in the morning which is more like the thoughts not connecting thing/completing thing that bupropion had a slight effect on before (I am no longer taking it)

Alternative Treatments

  • Look into the effects of Saffron; there is a study that shows this spice has an effect!
  • An ADHD acquaintance notes that the breathing exercises called 'Pranayama' help with mental sharpness. Some of the Pranayamas which have helped them are: (1) Kapalbhati for 10 - 15 mins everyday (2) Bhastrika (3) Anulom Vilom for 10 - 15 mins everyday)