Interactive Strategic Horizon

Posted Saturday, August 13, 2022 by Sri.Tagged PICKLEJAR

The Big Maybe Stupid Idea

Strategic Horizons are nebulous distance dreams. There are immediate PROJECTS which are groups of tasks that align with a Strategic Horizon, and they appear closer (sometimes blocking the view of the horizon). And then there are unsorted chores that appear as clutter that gets inthe way of seeing the PROJECTS clearly.

Being able to POP UP a level would allow one to see everything again, and maybe organize tasks according to nearness and strategic horizon alignment, a different metaphor for project management in accordance with life goals. Furthermore, time is represented by moving closer/farther from a particular set of strategic horizon points, which define a unique vector position somehow in n-space.

Things that "just happen" become an "autopile" that clutters the landscape until it's moved into another pile.

Stategic Piles can be seen as "closer horizon events", and you want to line them up so they are in the same direction as the distant ones. You can steer towards a Strategic Pile.

Unpiled tasks that just happen are in FRONT of the strategic piles, and makes it hard to cleanly menuever and see what's in front of you.

Things that just happen lom large in the attention until they're placed in alignment with a straetegic pile which is also aligned with a distant pile

Horizon goals can be losely grouped together.

Going up and down shows fewer or less detail in the piles.

The UI is like turning into a circle, and the view from each pile is measured as solar systems. There is a space analogy!

Basement level 1 is stuff that was on the horizon plane but have been closed

Basement level 2 is stuff that was discarded for one reason or another

Basement level 3 is stuff that were old goals and horizons that are no longer in service or are no longer relevant