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Expedition Design Notes

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2023 by Sri.Tagged EXPEDITION, THE COLONY
EDITING PHASE:gathering info...

Defining the data structure for expedition cards...how to think about this.

An expedition has an objective, and there are several prompting questions that correspond to Quests in an RPG.

Let's just list the stuff out.

quest_listing_name: 'a short name to display'
quest_listing_desc: 'markdown text'
quest_owner: person_or_group
quest_info: { intent, expectation, motivation }
quest_beneficiary: { colony_context, person_or_group }
quest_text: 'markdown instructions for quest'
quest_type: building, locating, retrieving, researching, improving, maintaining, recruiting, practice/drill
quest_requirement: { [item]:{ desc, quantity, date, qualitative_text, form_description } }
quest_grantedby: person_or_group
quest_receivedby: person_or_group


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